The Crewmate program was presented in 2007 as a ship module for the Novoship personnel management program. Originally it was intended for automatic data exchange between the office program of personnel and ship management. The main task of the program was to automate the exchange of data and reduce the number of errors in ship documents.
Since then, the program has changed significantly and its functionality has expanded significantly.


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Main features:

1.    Receiving personal information if in a formalized manner.
2.    Keeping personal records with control for date of expire of certificates and documents.
3.    Creation of Crew list and other forms for crewmembers and other personnel on board the vessel.
4.    Management of personal information on board with automatic sending of any changes to the office.
5.    Manual adding of new crewmembers on board if it is necessary and there is not communication with office.
6.    Creation of exchange files for off-signers.
7.    Automatic reports creation for joining and disembarkation of crewmembers and sending reports to the office.
8.    Keeping list of ports of call based on UNLOCODE database.
9.    Export to Excel all printing forms including Crew list, Crew Effect Declaration, Declaration of Health etc.
10.    Payroll creation
11.    Creation standard forms for reimbursement for any crewmember according to provided invoices.
12.    Creation of special forms for additional payment for work in Warlike zone.
13.    Keeping records for the vessel communication expenses with automatic data exchange.
14.    Keeping records for drills with the list of participant, report and evaluation.
15.    Keeping records for trainings with the list of participants and evaluation.
16.    Keeping records for Videotel film viewing with the list of participants and evaluation.
17.    Creation of monthly reports for drills, trainings and Videotel activity with the list of participants.
18.    Keeping personal information of relatives to prepare documents for visiting the vessel.
19.    Archive of crewmembers
20.    Preparation of initial and update notice for call at USA, Canada and CARICOM countries (eNOA/D) in accordance with Schema 3.6
21.    Automatic management of internal application registers.
22.    Report preparation for all training activity in Excel format or formalized manner.
23.    Keeping records of hours of rest for the whole crew with any parameter customization.
24.    Keeping changes of onboard work arrangement.
25.    Automatic overtime calculation.
26.    Creation of personal forms of hours of rest according to international and company requirements.
27.    Creation of monthly reports of hours of rest for the whole crew in Excel or formalized manner.
28.    Drills schedule creation for desired period in automatic, manual and semiautomatic modes.
29.    Control of drills execution according to created schedule.
30.    Keeping the log of drills execution.
31.    Trainings schedule creation for desired period in automatic, manual and semiautomatic modes.
32.    Control of trainings execution according to created schedule.
33.    Keeping the log of trainings.
34.    Crew change management
35.    Control for ship’s documents and certificates.
36.    Muster list management.

Archive of evaluation version of "Crewmate" may be downloaded from here. There is not any password at the first application start. Password may be provided for any user later if it will be necessary.

Presentation of the application is here.