Crewmate testimonials

"The program allows quickly and conveniently to lead and control the working hours and rest of the crew, simulate and plan forthcoming working day in order to avoid inconsistencies and consequently the comments by inspectors. Convenient and, most importantly, properly working ENOAD module."

mv "Pamir"


"The program was used by officers with different levels of skills with no problems and additional questions."

mv "Christophe De Margerie"


"Thank you for the program. One of the best utilities to work with. Really greatly alleviates the bureaucratic burden of seafarers. Very convenient and easy to use with intuitive interface."

mv "Kirill Lavrov"


"The Crewmate program is much more convenient and informative than the Time-Sheet in AMOS."

mv "Nordic Odyssey"


"The program is very convenient with an excellent interface. I would like to continue to use it exactly - Crewmate and not replace it with other similar programs."

mv "SCF Sakhalin"


"The main advantage of the program is the possibility of continuous monitoring of the rest hours without leaving the program already at the data entry stage. No less important is operational support. The ship always received the developer's advice for any questions about the program. I also want to note that during the period of use the program was constantly improved taking into account the wishes and comments of users and was timely supplemented with new functions and capabilities."

mv "Anatoly Kolodkin"


"At the moment, the application for managing hours of work and rest in Crewmate has more functionality, easier and more clearly than in AMOS EMS."

mv "Moscow Kremlin"


"Recommendations are the best. The program is fully mastered by the staff, is indispensable in the preparation of documents for the arrival. "

mv "NS Concord"


"We recommend for further use, due to the convenience of the interface, simple use. The program does not fail. It's a pleasure to work with this program, unlike AMOS EMS Timesheet, which, unlike Crewmate, is still raw and unfinished. Overtime believes it is not correct. When filling out does not provide information about violation of the rest hours of the crew, it is necessary to generate an Excel file and there to look for violations, which is very inconvenient and time-consuming. In this program, this problem is not worth it. The time for filling the rest hours is minimized due to the simplicity of the program. Perhaps this is already a habit, but such a summary has createded when using this program and introduced by AMOS EMS."

mv "NS Lotus"


"Keeping the hours of work / rest is much more convenient and informative in the Crewmate than in the Amos EMS"

mv "NS Bravo"


"The interface is intuitive even to a novice user."

mv "NS Challenger"


"The program is very convenient to use, and the interface is logical and intuitive. To perform the simplest operations, the minimum number of actions is required. Has extensive functionality. Support is carried out at a good level. A full range of information can be found in the help documentation. Necessity to use it is not due to the simplicity of the program."

mv "Primorsky Prospect"


"A simple and convenient program, almost perfected."

mv "Svet"


"I would like to add that the CREWMATE program is an excellent tool for monitoring and scheduling hours of work and rest, allowing instantly detect violations of the regime, and also has a convenient and practical interface, unlike the TimeSheet Module Amos EMS."

mv "NS Columbus"


Crewmate companion testimonials

"It was a great pleasure for managers to hear from Chevron auditors during Chevron TMSA audit in SCF Unicom, Cyprus that the Company had produced a central data base of all drills and trainings completed on board each vessel within the fleet. Besides, the auditors were very impressed with the Crewmate Companion (office version) performance and suitability for monitoring Work and Rest hours on board of each and particular vessel in the company fleet.
The auditors admitted that all pertinent details for assessment of quality & effectiveness are included in the Program and that the database is updated onboard of the each vessel & and then synchronized with the office module.
This was considered as the Best Practice experience to share with the industry."

Alexander Komyshev, DPA, Unicom Management Services (Cyprus) Ltd.