Crewmate companion was created as an office module for the Crewmate program. after the expansion of its functionality, it became necessary to control the information entered on the ship. A mechanism for exchanging data between modules was developed, which uses files of small size to reduce communication costs.
Currently, Crewmate companion program allows you to monitor the records of hours of rest on all ships with the provision of a journal of received reports and the conduct of analytics on violations of the requirements of the convention in terms of providing sufficient rest to seamen.
In addition, the program allows you to monitor the conduct of exercises and training on board the vessel with the receipt of full braces from the program Crewnate to conduct exercises or training with the control of the timeliness of their conduct.

Crewmate companion

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Main features:

1.    Receipt of data from the vessels regarding hours of rest and onboard training. Files with data are very compact and not exceed 8-10 kilobytes.
2.    Visual control of working and rest hours with alarm about MLC and OPA90 violations.
3.    Analysis of hours of work, hours of rest and MLC violations for the whole crew.
4.    Report for MLC violations for the whole fleet
5.    Report for excessive overtime for the whole fleet
6.    Drills log for each vessel
7.    Training log for each vessel
8.    Drills list control for several vessel types.
9.    Training list control for several vessel types.
10.    Creation of export files for “Crewmate” installations with updates.