Unique software for any vessel

Crewmate is an unique software for the vessels that was developed for JSC "Novoship" in 2007 as a ship's module for the office personnel management program to reduce the number of errors in the ships' documents. Initially, the program had limited functionality, which was significantly expanded to meet the growing requirements for handling various documents on board the ship. Currently, the following functional modules are implemented:


  • The Crew List - is the recording of personnel on board the vessel
  • Work Schedule - keeping records of working hours and rest of the crew
  • Onboard Training - accounting and planning of exercises and training on board
  • Vessel details - basic information about the vessel, including ship's documents
  • Ports of call - keeping a list of ports of call with the ability to keep records of the port
  • Table - the maintenance of various timesheets, which are used in the calculation of wages
  • Electronic Notification for US Ports (eNOA/D) - creation of initial notices for arrival and departure, as well as updates of initial notifications in accordance with USCG requirements.

The program has a bilingual interface that can be configured to work with any language. To do this, just edit the file with the language resources.

The program generates a large number of reports in the format Excel, Word and the format of the data exchange with the program Crewmate companion. A simple and intuitive interface of the program, as well as contextual help and instructions for using the program, allows you to start working with the program without any training.

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The Crewmate program has all the capabilities that allow solving everyday tasks of recording and controlling the activities of crew members, as well as forming various types of documents that can be used on a ship or sent to third parties.

The program does not require training and has a simple interface. The built-in help system allows finding the answer to any question. Multilingual interface allows you to work in the native language of the crew.



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Our company provides support for its software both by email and by phone. Fast response and 100% problem resolution are guaranteed.

Crewmate companion

The Crewmate companion program is an office supplement to the Crewmate program. It allows you to exchange data with the Crewmate program installed on the ships, monitor and analyze rest hours data received from the ships, to meet the requirements of the company and the MLC 2006 convention. It is possible to control the amount of overtime for each crew member. In addition, the Crewmate companion program allows you to monitor the records of exercises and trainings on each ship that were made to Crewmate on board the ship. The program generates reports on violations of the requirements of the convention for each ship and for all vessels. Files with hours of rest are being formed for both one crew member and the whole crew.